How to start with ?

In order to invest in this PAMM account, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Follow this link.

Step 2: Press the green "Invest Funds" button just above the performance chart.

Step 3: If you're already registered, click the "Already registered?" link and enter your login details.

Step 4: Enter your registration data. If you want to register as a company, you will need to click on "Registration for Companies" before filling the form. After completing, press the "Continue Registration" button.

Step 5: On the next page, enter the NUMBER OF YOUR IDENTITY-CONFIRMING DOCUMENT (for example, your ID number).

Step 6: Complete the INTRODUCING BROKER'S ID field. To make it visible, click the "Enter It" link. The value of this field should be: 1210780!

Step 7: Get the confirmation code via email and enter it in the appropriate field.

Step 8: Read and accept the "Terms of Use".

Step 9: Press "Continue".

Step 10: You will see the "Welcome to Alpari" window asking if you'd like to credit your account. Press the "Credit Account" button. The "Transfer Funds" form will appear.

Step 11: Complete the "Transfer from" field (funding method) and the "Transfer to" field (transitory or personal account). Then press "Continue".

Step 12: Complete the "Transfer Details" form (generally, the amount to be transferred and your bank name) and press "Continue".

Step 13: Check the data and press "Transfer Funds".

Step 14: When the funds are on your transitory account, complete Steps 1-3.

Step 15: Now your investment account is finally open. Just put money on it using the "Account-to-account transfer". The "Transfer Funds" form will appear. Set your funded Transitory account in the "Transfer From" field and your Investment account in the "Transfer to" field. The rest is just the same as Steps 12 and 13.

Step 16: Hurrahhh! You've done it!

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